How to add watermark to android studio project

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How to add watermark to android studio project using FFMPEG

  • Download this file Download Now
  • File => New => import module => go find the folder downloaded at step1:
  • Add permissions in AndroidManifest.xml
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" />

if the version is higher than Android 6, add the following code in onCreate() of your Activity

GeneralUtils.checkForPermissionsMAndAbove(MainActivity.this, false);

Alt+Enter if encounter red font, AndroidStudio would help you to modify “build.gradle(Module)”

  • (Not sure if necessary) In build.gradle(Module)
         targetSdkVersion ...
         <Add the following code>
             abiFilter "armeabi-v7a"
     <Add the following code if doesn't exist>
     compile project(':ffmpeg4android_lib')
  • add following code in “”

How to use WaterMarkHelper to add watermark on video

  • After import “” in your project, declare the following in your Activity
WaterMarkHelper myHelper;
  • initialize myHelper with arguments

Arguments description:

String inputVideoPath        (ex:"/sdcard/input.mp4")
     String inputWaterMarkPath    (ex:"/sdcard/waterMark.png")
     String outputVideoPath        (ex:"/sdcard/output.mp4")
     String waterMarkX        the X-coordinate    
         Video width: main_w, Video height: main_h, Image Width: overlay_w, Image Height: overlay_h
     String waterMarkY

example code:

myHelper = new WaterMarkHelper("/sdcard/in.mp4", //be sure that in.mp4 exist in /sdcard/
                     "/sdcard/watermark.png", //be sure that watermark.png exist in /sdcard/
                     "/sdcard/testOut.mp4", //
                     "main_w/2 - overlay_w/2", // in the middle of X-axis
                     "main_h/2 - overlay_h/2"); // in the middle of Y-axis
  • adding watermark on video
myHelper.addVideoWaterMark(MainActivity.this); //MainActivity

there should be try/catch exception outside the above code, press Alt+Enter should work.

example code:

try {
     } catch (CommandValidationException e) {

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