How to make Mini Refrigerator at home

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Today i will tell you, how to make mini refrigerator at home with the low cost and simple equipment. In this project, heat sink and peltier TEC1-12706 (Thermoelectric cooling module). In this project peltier is the heart of the project and heat sink also plays main role in this project.

Required Components:

  • Peltier TEC1-12706 ___________Buy
  • Heat sink with fan   ___________Buy
  • Heat sink                 ___________Buy
  • SMPS                      ___________Buy
  • 1 inch thermocol sheet

Peltier TEC1-12706:

 Peltier is an two terminal component. It is also called as an cooling module or thermoelectric cooling module. It’s operated with the voltage of 12v and it is an 90watts. It produces the one side heat and other side cooling.

Heat Sink:

Heat sink is an protection device. Actually heat sinks are used to protect the processors. But here that heat sinks are used as two purposes,
         ie, one purpose is heat eliminating and another purpose is cooling spreading.

SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply):

Here power supply 12v, 5amps is used to connect switch ON the heat sink fan and peltier (TEC1-12706)

How to make Refrigerator box:

Refrigerator box was made by 1 inch thermocol sheet. Now i am showing with the images
Image 1

Image 2
Image 3

Image 4

Image 5


In this project, connections are very simple.
  • Heat sink positive wire and peltier red wire are connected to the positive supply of the adapter or  SMPS.
  • And negative wire of heat sink fan and black wire of peltier are connected to the negative supply of the SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply).

Detailed explanation in VIDEO:

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