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To stop sconfig from launching at sign in set- sconfig. – autoset $ false

Start SConfig

SConfig starts automatically starting with Windows Server 2022 (deployed in Server Core installation option) and Azure Stack HCI. To run SConfig on previous versions of Windows Server, follow these steps: It is also possible to run SConfig on Windows Server installed with the Server with Desktop Experience installation option using these steps:

  1. Launch PowerShell.
  2. Type SConfig, and then press Enter. The Server configuration tool interface opens.
sconfig main page



Launching SConfig from a Command prompt (CMD) window by running SConfig.cmd also works in Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI, just like it did in previous versions. However, this method is no longer being developed and may be removed in the future versions of the operating system. The recommended way to manually launch SConfig if required is by running SConfig in a PowerShell window.

Join a domain or workgroup

The current Active Directory domain or workgroup settings are displayed on the main screen of SConfig. You can join an Active Directory domain or a workgroup by accessing the Domain/workgroup settings page from the main menu and following the instructions, supplying any required information.


You’ll only be able to join a domain if the computer is able to resolve the DNS address of a domain controller in the target domain’s Active Directory Domain Services forest and you have the credentials of an account that has permission to perform a domain join operation. You may need to configure network settings and/or the date and time before joining the domain. You also have the option of changing the computer name as a part of the domain join operation.

To join a standalone server instance to a domain with SConfig, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, type 1 and press Enter to enter the Change domain/workgroup membership settings page.
  2. On the Change domain/workgroup membership menu, press D.
  3. Press Enter to join a domain.
  4. Type the name of the domain to join and press Enter.
  5. Type the name of the domain user authorized to join computers to domain. Use the format of domain\user or [email protected] and press Enter.
  6. At the password prompt, provide the password for the specified user and press Enter.
  7. At the prompt asking if you want to change the computer name, press either Y or N and press Enter.
  8. If you press Y, provide the new name for the computer and press Enter. You will need to reenter the password for the user account you specified when joining the computer to domain.
  9. You will be prompted to restart the computer. Press Y and press Enter to restart the computer.
  10. After the computer restarts, press ESC to switch users so you can sign in with a domain account.

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