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  • Bluetooth module (HC-05) is used to control the wireless headset, wireless remote control cars, robotics, wireless mouse and wireless keyboards.
  • The range of this module is lesser than 100m.
  • It has two serial transmitter and receiver pins.
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1.EN: Enable pin is used to toggle between the data mode.

2.Vcc: Vcc is an power supply pin i,e 3.3v to 6volts.

3.GND: This is an Ground pin.

4.TXD: Transmits serial data ( transmitted data will be in the serially on Txd pin).

5.RXD:  Receives data serially (Received data  will be transmitted by the HC-05 module).

6.STATE: This pin is used to HC-05 module is connected or not.

7.LED: Indicator and it is used to identify the module is connect or not.

8.Button: This button is used to reset the module.


  • This bluetooth module consists of red LED for the purpose of ON/OFF and connected or not.
  • When bluetooth module is not connected then LED blinking fast.
  • When bluetooth module is connected the LED is blinking slowly (blinking once per 2 seconds).
  • This HC 05 module works with the 3.3v or max 6 volts.
  • This module has Tx pin for transmission of serial data.
  • And it has Rx pin also it is used to receives the data serially.



  • Name:- HC05
  • password:- 1234 or 0000
  • Data mode baud rate:-  9600
  • Command baud rate:- 38400
  • Firmware:- LINVOR


    • Wireless home automation
    • wireless robotics
    • automation
    • Wireless communication
    • wireless keyboard
    • Wireless mouse

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